horses in the year of the dog_Terra Long

horses in the year of the dog_Terra Long


Canada / 2018 / Color / Sound / 5min 10sec / HD

Twin portraits, an immediate love between new friends considering motherhood under the roof of a fierce matriarch and Cheru the dog shortly after birthing five pups. A swim, a birth, a love and a loss developed in Hibiscus and Lavender and saturated in deep blues.

Terra Long is an independent filmmaker, She creates tapestry like works that draw on natural history, deep time, and the space between the real and the imaginary. Her films are often concerned with the materiality of film in relation to the image captured. Her works have screened at festivals and micro cinemas including the Edinburgh International Film Festival, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, CPH DOX, in the Wavelengths section at Toronto International Film Festival, and the Images Festival in her hometown of Toronto.

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