Fossil Place (Lugar Fósil)_Florencia Levy

Fossil Place (Lugar Fósil)_Florencia Levy


Argentina / 2019 / Color / Sound / 15 min / HD

Today, humanity became a geological agent with the ability to generate an impact on the planet similar to that of tectonic movements, the collision of asteroids and the eruption of volcanoes; the impact is so profound that probably our existence will be recognized as a layer of different stratification, sometime after our extinction.

Fossil Place builds a set on a dystopian narrative, based on different testimonies about environmental and economic phenomena of the last 40 years in different cities of China, creating an invisible layer of meaning and representation; inducing a stimulus to think that something urgent is happening.

Florencia Levy is a visual artist based in Buenos Aires. Her practice is driven by long-term research that explores different forms of subjectivities in relation to history, intimacy, architecture and public space. Her work is often supported by anthropological fieldwork and interviews, focusing on the political resonance of places and objects while exploring conflict and affect. Her work crosses mediums ranging from site-specific installations, film, and photography, to collaborative projects, painting, and publications that engage in specific situations in relation to history and memory.

She has participated in artist-in-residence programs in institutions such as the POLIN Museum in Warsaw (2015), Sapporo AIR in Japan (2012), Gyeonggi Creation Center in South Korea (2010), Batiscafo Residency in Havana (2010), Taipei Artist Village (2009) and Centraltrack The University of Dallas at Texas Art Residency Program (2008). She has received numerous awards and fellowships including the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant (2015-2016). Her work has been shown at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, Arko Art Centre in Seoul; Frankfurter Kunstverein in Frankfurt; Museum of Contemporary Art in Tamaulipas, Mexico; National Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago; Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre in Hong Kong, among others.

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